Carole M. Fetherston

“To Whom It May Concern: I moved to Air Force Village in 2005 and asked for recommendations for a Primary Doctor and Dentist. I have changed Doctors and re-married since my move into AFVW but have stayed with Dr. Hunting for my dentistry since my move-in date. My husband and I found Dr. Hunting and his staff to be very capable, professional and friendly. My husband and myself have both needed oral surgery which was referred to Dr. Eftimie. These two Doctors worked together for implant and denture procedures to our complete satisfaction in all cases. At onetime, I was “lured” to another well-advertised dentist who gave me a quote on making my lower teeth more attractive. It turned out to be a “joke” of sorts. That Doctor quoted me an amount which was ten times of what Dr. Hunting billed me for the same procedure! My husband and I continue to have our bi-annual cleaning by their very competent hygienists as well as any other dental work done in their office. Their office is very conveniently close to Air Force Village and we highly recommend them to anyone who asks.”