Root Canals

When the nerve of a tooth dies, whether due to trauma or deep decay, a root canal is often recommended prior to a final restoration as a means to relieve pain and prevent infection.  The process involves the complete cleaning of the hollow space inside the tooth, followed by careful shaping of that space in such a way that a filling can be placed down the entire length of the root.

Front teeth generally have one or possibly two canals which need treatment, but molar teeth frequently have four or more canals. Furthermore, while front teeth generally have straight canals, molars often have curved or bent canals.  It is imperative that all canals be cleaned and filled for the procedure to be successful.  Dr. Hunting can take care of many of your root canal needs, but is also very proficient in identifying those complex cases better treated by specialists.  We work with several excellent board certified Endodontists,  who have specialized equipment and training for handling the most difficult cases.