Whether you are looking for a family dentist or more specialized cosmetic or implant dentistry in Riverside CA, you can trust Dr. Hunting to provide you and your family with exceptional care.

One visit to our Riverside CA Dentist Office and you will understand what we mean when we say “Quality care from a dentist who treats you like family.” Dr. Hunting places an emphasis on patient education. He will provide you with all treatment options and help guide you to make the decision that is best for your own personal health.

UCLA Graduate 1984
Extensive postgraduate training in the areas of:
    •    Cosmetic dental treatments including lifelike fillings, crowns, and veneers
    •    Implant restoration with crowns, bridges, or dentures
    •    Comprehensive oral rehabilitation including cosmetic reconstruction

Dr. Michael Hunting has practiced dentistry in the same location since 1991. That stability has been one of the cornerstones of success for Dr. Hunting’s Riverside California dental practice. Consistency, kindness and respect are values for which Dr. Hunting and his staff are recognized.

 Dr. Hunting believes dentistry is a partnership. Educating patients about their own dental health and guiding them through appropriate options for treatment allows his patients to become active partners in their health care decisions. Dr. Hunting and his team of professionals can help you achieve your optimal dental health goals.

 Dr. Hunting and his team take their responsibility for patient care seriously. Taking advantage of continued education and advanced training, Dr. Hunting is able to provide his patients with the latest advancements in comfort and quality. “We never stop learning”.

 With a philosophy that hinges on integrity, Dr. Hunting and his team value each patient and will extend every effort to make your appointment as comfortable as possible.

With an array of services from simple dental cleanings to complex implant and cosmetic rehabilitation, Dr. Hunting treats every patient as an individual.

 As a private practice we are able to maintain a schedule that minimizes your wait time and assures that you will Always see Dr. Hunting as your dental care provider. We understand that your time is valuable and are committed to maximizing the effectiveness of our time together. We go above and beyond to work with your dental insurance, ensuring a thorough understanding of your coverage so that we may help you to make the most of your benefits.

As long time residents of the Riverside community, Dr. Hunting, his wife Sandy, and two sons recognize that in most cases, patients are also neighbors. Our friendly and casual environment is designed to make you feel welcomed. Whether you are a new patient or have been coming to Dr. Hunting for years, you will always be treated special because we believe that you are. Quality care from a dentist who treats you like family is more than what we say, it is what we do!

 Whether it has been months or years since your last dental visit we invite you to give us a call. Our qualified staff will be happy to answer your questions, verify dental benefits and reserve your time with Dr. Hunting.

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1015 Alessandro Blvd., Suite 130
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Meet The Team

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Dr. Michael Hunting
Dr. Michael Hunting

Dr. Michael Hunting

Meet Dr. Michael A. Hunting DDS

Riverside California
UCLA Graduate 1984

Extensive postgraduate training in the areas of:

  • Cosmetic dental treatments including lifelike fillings, crowns, and veneers
  • Implant restoration with crowns, bridges,or dentures
  • Comprehensive oral rehabilitation including cosmetic reconstruction

Having been born and raised in Southern California, I am a product of the public education system and of the University of California. Following high school in Mission Viejo, I spent two years at UC Irvine, followed by two more at UCLA. After graduating with honors and a degree in biology, I continued at UCLA School of Dentistry, graduating in 1984. I began my dental career in the city of Orange, as a partner in a small group practice, but in 1988, relying on influence from my new wife Sandy, sold my share of that practice and moved to Riverside. I built my present office in 1991 and, while raising two wonderful sons, have practiced here happily since then.

I realized early on that patient education is as important as the actual treatment. I enjoy partnering with my patients in selecting the best course of care for their specific need. With knowledge comes power, and when a patient is educated with regard to their own dental health and the options available for treatment, they become empowered to make the best possible choices.

Dentistry can be comfortable, and my philosophy of “quality care from a dentist who treats you like family” is not just a saying, it is what I believe. I have intentionally surrounded myself with quality staff right down to the laboratory technicians with whom I work. We are all on the same page, committed to caring for our patients at the highest level.

Away from the office, my life is busy with projects ranging from all manner of home improvement, to gardening, and building my (and my son’s) ’68 Mustang. Family travel favorites have included Costa Rica, motor home touring in Alaska, sailing in the British Virgin Islands, as well as more local camping and skiing vacations. Offshore fishing is something I can’t get enough of, and summers will find me out on the water, enjoying time with friends and looking for tuna. I enjoy trying to capture the beauty of nature in photographs, and have displayed some of my favorite work at the office. Trying to stay fit is one of my constant battles, as I truly enjoy gourmet food and Sandy and I are both excellent cooks.



Sandy Hunting – Registered Dental Assistant (and Dr.’s #1 Helper)

I started in the dental field during my senior year in high school by taking a course in dental assisting.  I worked as a Registered Dental Assistant while attending college and subsequently started teaching dental assisting through Riverside County Office of Education at the same school I attended.   Wanting to upgrade our curriculum, I applied for a grant to purchase computers for our dental front office class.  To educate myself in this area, I took a continuing education class offered through UCLA, which is where I met my husband, Dr. Hunting.  The class was not as informative as I had hoped, but meeting Mike certainly was a pleasant surprise.  We married in 1988 and I continued to teach as he started building his dental practice in Riverside.

In 1995, I retired from teaching to stay home with our two boys.  Our oldest is living and working in Orange County, having completed his masters degree in mechanical engineering at Stanford.  Our younger son is attending UCR, also working on his degree in engineering.

Our practice truly is a family practice; filled with family & friends.  Helping create a smile that a patient is proud of, relieving pain, or teaching a student the skills needed to obtain a job in the dental field has been very rewarding.   I consider the staff family; many have been with us for years.  Currently, I am the bookkeeper for the office and recently have been spending more time helping out in the front office.  I am enjoying the chance to visit with all of our wonderful patients and watching all of your families grow.   Away from the office, I keep busy with morning walks, hiking, skiing, creating in the kitchen and keeping our labradoodle and cats out of trouble.



Registered Dental Assistant

For as long as I remember, a person’s smile was the first thing I noticed about them.  So after high school I decided to become a Registered Dental Assistant.  It’s been so rewarding being part of a team that creates beautiful smiles.

I am so lucky to have recently joined Dr. Hunting and his team.  The entire staff is truly committed to excellence in patient care and customer service.

I have 2 daughters.  My older daughter recently moved to Georgia with her husband and my three grandchildren.  My younger daughter lives with me and will graduate this summer with her masters degree in business.

I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of you.



Registered Dental Assistant

I began my dental career in 2001 as an intern at Dr. Hunting’s office, and have been fortunate to continue to be part of such an amazing team after all these years!

What I enjoy most about my position is the opportunity I have to educate our patients about their oral health in a warm, calm, and comfortable environment. We are truly a family practice.

Dr. Hunting values honesty and quality, and provides his patients with both in diagnosis and treatment. I am proud to be part of an office where we never compromise on patient care, and honesty and quality are our top priorities.

I am happily married with three beautiful children. With a flexible schedule, I am able to enjoy time with my family while my children are still young.



Registered Dental Hygienist

I have been in the dental field since graduating high school. While working as a Registered Dental Assistant, I continued my college education and earned my degree in Dental Hygiene in 1992. With more than 20 years of experience in the dental field, I make it my goal to pass on my knowledge by educating my patients in all forms of preventive dental care.

I have been with Dr. Hunting’s practice since 2005 and feel the office environment is very relaxed and comfortable. Patients have told me they appreciate Dr. Hunting’s care, thorough explanation of their dental condition, and recommendations for treatment to maintain and enhance their dental health.

When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, camping, off-roading and boating.



Registered Dental Hygienist

I have been a Registered Dental Hygienist since 1985 and have worked with Dr. Hunting since 1998. My ministry is encouraging and serving people, thus I enjoy learning about the person attached to the teeth I’m cleaning. I am very fortunate to work with an established solo practitioner that is an excellent dentist. In addition to his outstanding technical skills, Dr. Hunting is an incredible communicator and takes the time to educate, discuss and answer questions regarding your dental health and treatment. We pride ourselves on being a practice of integrity, quality gentle care and long term relationships.

I admire and appreciate our military personnel since I am married to a retired Navy reservist and my oldest son is an Air Force pilot.  I have a beautiful daughter-in-law that takes excellent care of my son and my German Shepard grand puppy.  My youngest son is currently working on his undergraduate degree in cognitive science at Berkeley, thus my husband and I are adjusting to and enjoying an empty nest.  In my spare time I enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle slogging (slow jogging) or walking my Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, working out at the gym or warm water scuba diving when I can get away.  I feel truly blessed to be an active member of the Grove Community Church since 1996.

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I am very happy to finally find a dentist who is “excellent”. Dr. Michael Hunting is the person I’ve been looking for almost 40 years. Thanks to my daughter who recommended this wonderful person to me. The staff is wonderful too-very pleasant and helpful. Thank you very much.


“To Whom It May Concern: I moved to Air Force Village in 2005 and asked for recommendations for a Primary Doctor and Dentist. I have changed Doctors and re-married since my move into AFVW but have stayed with Dr. Hunting for my dentistry since my move-in date. My husband and I found Dr. Hunting and his staff to be very capable, professional and friendly. My husband and myself have both needed oral surgery which was referred to Dr. Eftimie. These two Doctors worked together for implant and denture procedures to our complete satisfaction in all cases. At onetime, I was “lured” to another well-advertised dentist who gave me a quote on making my lower teeth more attractive. It turned out to be a “joke” of sorts. That Doctor quoted me an amount which was ten times of what Dr. Hunting billed me for the same procedure! My husband and I continue to have our bi-annual cleaning by their very competent hygienists as well as any other dental work done in their office. Their office is very conveniently close to Air Force Village and we highly recommend them to anyone who asks.”

Carole M. Fetherston

“Dear Prospective Dental Patient: My name is James Gibbons. My family and I have been served by Dr. Michael Hunting and his staff since 1998. I highly recommend Dr. Hunting for all of your dental needs. Dr. Hunting and his staff are almost always on-time in meeting your appointment times. The few times they may be behind schedule are because they are helping other patients with emergency situations. I have twice needed attention without an appointment for chipping my teeth. Without hesitation I was seen the same day and the quality of work was not only outstanding bus also beautiful! Dr. Hunting and his staff have taken the time to get to know me and my family. They have never rushed me in and out of their office. I greatly appreciate how Dr. Hunting explains why a dental procedure is needed and what to expect in the process. At the age of 49 years, I asked Dr. Hunting for his advice in my obtaining braces. Dr. Hunting referred me to an Orthodontist who is top in his field and worked with him to help me reach my goal of straight and white teeth! I have not been compensated for this recommendation. I recommend Dr. Hunting and his staff because they are the best you will find. I am moving out of California soon and one of the few things I will miss is being one of Dr. Hunting’s patients.”

James F. Gibbons, Jr.

”Dear Dr. Hunting, You recently bleached, filled and finished my upper front teeth. You did a beautiful job. I am more than pleased. They look like new again. “

Kathy Tait

“Dear Hunting Dental Team, Just a quick note of appreciation to all of you for taking such good care of us, especially Skip. You have no idea how much help you are to both of us. It is such a relief to know that he can come to you without any anxiety for either of us. It gives me such peace of mind to know that he will have not only professional attention but also “family” care. I am so appreciative that I can let him come with an escort and breathe easily. Like any sole family caregiver, I live in fear of what would happen to him if I were unable to oversee his care. I am thankful beyond words to have you as part of his medical team. Thank you again and again”


“Fourteen years ago I asked my oral surgeon to refer me to a dentist he thought was the best he knew in the area. He did not hesitate. He told me about Dr. Michael Hunting and I am so grateful. Not only is he a wonderful dentist, he is kind and very honest. Each of his staff are precious too. I actually look forward to my appointments. I am blessed. In his love, Sybil Madden Our God rules the universe with his feet up. ”


“At one time, I was ‘lured’ to another well-advertised dentist who gave me a quote on making my lower teeth more attractive. It turned out to be a joke. Dr. Hunting provided better care at a much more reasonable fee. My husband and I highly recommend Dr. Hunting and his staff to anyone who asks.”

Carol F.

“When you are looking for a new dentist, you want his/her office to be nearby and easy to get to. Dr. Hunting’s office is both of those. You want to hear from his patients that they like and trust him. These things are true of Dr. Hunting. In addition he is truly caring about his patient’s concerns. I had a dental emergency one Saturday night and Dr. Hunting me at his office at 9pm! How many dentists do you know who would do that?”

Llew R. Smith

“After a very painful and terrible ordeal with a previous dentist, I was referred to Dr. Hunting by a friend. Dr. Hunting’s calming and reassuring personality put me at  ease and I actually had a pleasant experience at a dental office. The staff is also very professional and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Hunting to all my friends and family.”

D. Kelley

“Dr. Hunting is truly caring about his patient’s concerns.”

Lew S.

“It gives us such peace of mind to know we will have not only professional attention but also ‘family care’.”

Susan G.

“We have been going to Dr. Hunting for three years and have had excellent care. His techs are awesome! His entire staff are very professional, efficient and really do treat you like family. And he takes insurance!”

E. Williams




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